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Mr Autofire is free to download from the Play Store but only includes a single level. You can remove ads for $0.99, buy or rent the full game for $4.99, or unlock everything with a one-time purchase of $9.99. Download Mr Autofire from the Play Store today!
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March 15, 2022
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Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download. Mr Autofire is a game about defending your planet from alien invaders. The twist is that you play as a little factory manager who can’t fight but can build turrets to fight for him. Build defenses, get gems and coins with the help of the turrets you have built and buy towers that are even stronger than the ones before.

Mr Autofire is a new dimension in the defense genre of games. Smooth gameplay, rich graphics, and easy controls will give you a unique experience to play with your friends all over again! Play with up to 8 players on a server and show off your tactics and reflexes.

Mr. Autofire unleashes an arsenal of weaponized vehicles to fight the invading alien menace on a new mission every game, as he builds and improves his forces and tries to keep one step ahead of the fearsome boss-bot Gorgos. From Helicoptors and Tanks to Rocket Launchers and Alien Multi Robots, Mr. Autofire has all the resources you need to defend your turf. Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download.

Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download

Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download

Mr Autofire MOD APK – the story revolves around a bizarre looking guy named Mr Autofire who has been living on his planet peacefully for a long time. His world is suddenly invaded by aliens who are hell-bent on destruction. In order to stop this, Mr Autofire, along with his trusty companion must enter battle with the aliens. Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download.

Game features:

1. An interesting new world of robotic creatures.

2. Freely available skins so that you can create your avatar freely.

3. Unique game modes such as “Zombie” and “Tutorial”.

4. Unique weapons such as the Laser Cannon and Minigun as well as an abundance of grenades including napalm bombs and more. Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download.

Mr Autofire Apk

Mr. Autofire apk is an action game for Android. It features a unique kind of action that will prove nice to people who are tired of the same old action games. The game mostly consists of fighting and shooting, but in a fun and non-violent way. Mr. Autofire is easy to relate with, making the player read his thoughts and emotions. Moreover, the environment design supports the character design in such an amazing way that sometimes one might feel like part of the tale!

Mr Autofire is a fast paced action game that features a bucket full of fun and entertainment. The developers have made this game with the kind of action that includes shooting guns, beating up enemies, dodging the bullets and much more. You will find a large number of interesting levels with spectacular graphics. Along with it, there are numerous powerups and fifteen unique different modes including one where you have to challenge online players.

Math is not your thing and you were put on a math class that requires you to solve math equations. You then get a free app that claims to help you know how to solve equations faster and easier. You get a little doubtful so you downloaded it just to try it out and see if you can actually apply them on your favorite math problems.

Mr. Autofire is a multiplayer online adventure game where players take on the role of an earth fighting against powerful robots that have invaded it. In the game, players are given control of advanced weapons and they have to defeat hordes of bizarre enemies using this deadly arsenal. There are also other humans who can be controlled by the player. The game rewards gameplay in short periods of time and offers its players high scores based on their performance in each shooting round. Once the player has mastered a level, they can challenge another player who has already beaten it and try to beat their score. Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download.

Mr Autofire Mod Apk

Mr Auto Fire mod apk is the modified or hacked version of Mr Auto Fire game app with which you can access more features, power-ups and lot more of fun.

Mr Autofire is a new role played game or action based game that has been developed by the talented developer. This is a very interesting and unique game which has many amazing features. It’s the best game ever developed. You just need to download this awe-inspiring and popular game on your device and start playing.

You will feel its enjoyable interface, striking visual effects, smooth background music, simple controls and character designs, astonishing graphics, impressive story line and last but not least of these awesome features like all types of Armor, Multiple Worlds and Vehicles from Scorpion, Mobile Missile Launcher, Hummer Down jeep with big mounted gun etc.

Mr. Autofire mod apk is a fantastic game that you can play on android devices without paying a penny. This game is developed exactly as it sounds like, an equipped soldier in the battlefield to fight against the enemies. The user has unlimited gems and coins while using this application. It is safe to use and clean from all kinds of virus, malware or spyware. Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download.

Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download


Mr. Autofire is definitely a stand out from the rest when it comes to adventure games. The game starts with an intriguing premise and really draws you in. As soon as the game starts, you discover your true identity. It doesn’t take long for you to understand why you are here and what lies ahead.

You then begin your quest to fight against the evil forces in your land, with the help of various weapons that offer different kinds of powers. The game looks extremely good with detailed background and soundtracks to suit almost every action that happens on screen. The story also feels complete while playing and coupled with great gameplay, Mr. Autofire scores even higher! This is exactly what we look for in adventure games!

Mr. Autofire is a great game for all you adventure and dystopian trope lovers out there. In this 3D game, you get to test your reflexes as you battle weird monsters in intense and alluring scenarios with fun weapons. You are sure to fall in love with this fast-paced shooter that offers everything from a rocket launcher to the Gatling gun.

Mr. Autofire is a first person shooter game with an amazing premise where the players have to fight with all kind of weird alien monsters that are coming from far away in space. You will get to wield the most powerful weapons to shoot your enemies down and save your planet from the aggressive monsters. Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download.

Mr Autofire Mod Apk Free Download

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Thanks for playing Mr Autofire! What's new:
- New world 11: Prison Planet
- New Metal Hero available soon: S.I.M.O!
- Reworked Shop
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